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March 24th, 2010

QuickBooksWe use QuickBooks within our practice to record time spent on clients and run our accounts. We find it to be a very versatile and reliable system and encourage clients to try the software as we genuinely believe it to be easy to use and cost effective, learn what is the cloud here. We can provide the initial supply and installation of the software, as well as training to get you started. We provide ongoing support should you need us as new updates or situations come to light within your business. Smaller business may well be best suited to SimpleStart which is very cost effective but generally, due to VAT accounting limitations in this option, we would advise clients to buy the Pro edition. This is very cost effective as a copy of the software costs around £180. You would need to update your version every two to three years, so this needs to be considered when making a decision. In other marketing news, if you need reputable web design firm to help you with your business, take a look at Salterra Web Design in Texas.

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