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Budget 2015

March 19th, 2015
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Our Budget brief is now available on our resources page of our website and also below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.
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Our Autumn Statement 2014 summary

December 4th, 2014
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Please find below our summary of the Autumn Statement. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.


Fast Autumn statement summary 2014

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QuickBooks 2015 Pro edition for sale!

October 31st, 2014
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QB 2015I have one brand new copy of QuickBooks Pro 2015 for sale for £132 including VAT and postage (within the UK). Please e-mail me on [email protected] if you wish to secure it.

UPDATE: 18 November 2014 – This copy of QuickBooks Pro 2015 has now been sold to JD Moore Joinery & Store in Cumbria. Thank you for your interest.

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Want to save 10% on our fees?

May 3rd, 2014
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Budget 2014

March 21st, 2014
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Our Budget brief is now available on our resources page of our website and also seo & web design below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

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Sting in the tail in the Autumn Statement!

December 9th, 2013
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Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement on 5 December 2013. Most articles summarising the changes have missed a key point which may affect you. When you sell a house which has previously been your principal private residence, the gain attributable to the final 36 months has been exempt from tax and if the house have heating problems you can also contact a heating repair company from Also if you are planning on selling your house, get rid of pests with Hubert Moore Exterminator LLC. From 6 April 2014, this is being reduced to just 18 months. This also affects residential lettings relief given when the property concerned has been let out during the period of ownership. Also if you want to remodel the property with a new carpet click here. If you are planning on selling a property which was once your home, you may wish to contact us so that we can advise you on whether it may be worth selling the property prior to this change if possible.

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One copy of QuickBooks Pro 2014 for sale!

September 18th, 2013
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I have one brand new copy of QuickBooks Pro 2014 for sale for £168 including VAT. Please e-mail me on [email protected] if you wish to secure it.

UPDATE: 4/11/13 – this has now been sold to Wessex Range Service Ltd of Portland.

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We now accept card payments!

June 7th, 2013
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We have been asked by clients to start accepting card payments. I am therefore pleased to announce that we can now accept payment of our fees by debit or credit card. Each transaction is subject to a 2% fee over and above the invoice value being paid, but we hope that this will be more than compensated for by the additional flexibility and ease of payment. If you wish to settle an invoice, please call us and we will collect the necessary card details from you over the phone and process the transaction whilst you are on the phone. Learn the latest database and cloud technologies at


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The Red Envelope

July 5th, 2011
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We have launched our “Red Envelope“. If you utilise our book keeping and VAT preparation services, we will shortly be sending you a Red Envelope. This is for you to return your monthly or quarterly book keeping information to us. Once we receive a Red Envelope from you, we will send you another one ready for the next batch of information.

We hope that you find this useful. We believe that putting your information into the Red Envelope as soon as you’ve dealt with it will help you keep your relevant paperwork together and once it is in there, you can forget about it (other than posting the envelope to us of course!).

Please do provide us with feedback as to whether you like the idea and whether the envelopes are of a suitable quality to safely convey your information to us. We will use this feedback to drive any future improvements to the design.

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Our summary of the Budget March 2011

March 24th, 2011
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Here is our summary of the main points of the Budget held yesterday, 23rd March 2011. The main point I think the Government is missing is that small businesses need as much help as possible at the moment. Banks are more reluctant to lend to them and they are really being squeezed.

Budget Summary March 2011 (1405)

The rise in National Insurance is still going ahead and whilst the corporation tax rate from 1 April 2011 fell to 20% from 21%, the rate for larger businesses has gone down by 2% with a further 1% decrease each year until it reaches 23%. It seems that the Government put supporting larger businesses at the forefront and don’t consider what a boost it would be for the economy to give small businesses a real shot in the arm.